Revamped and Rolling Out!!!

Coco&Shea has vamped up the aesthetics of the products you already know and love! Giving you more options, great gift sets, and accompanying amazing new organic products! We have taken the time out to hear our customers' feedback and are very proud to offer a variety of 100% handcrafted skincare items. There are a lot of exciting new goodies headed your way. We have released

our new body scrubs, lip balms, and bath bombs over the next few months. A lot of time, attention, and love went into the research and development of the new line that have been crafted. Our aim will always be first and foremost to present you with the highest quality of goods there is to offer. Coco&Shea has a serious commitment to skincare that is crafted directly from the Earth. We will never use chemicals or products that engage and encourage continued animal cruelty. Coco&Shea is devoted to peace and balance. These artisan products were made with you in mind. So grab a bar or a scrub and cleanse and unwind!!!!

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